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We currently support repair services for iPhones, iPads, & selected iPod Models.

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With hackers becoming a real pain lately, you want to be sure to keep your system protected. However keep in mind that it is not 100%. The best thing you can do is to keep it updated daily and scan weekly at least. In addition, you want to be cautious on where you visit and what your click on.

Norton by Symantec

Backups are extremely important if you use a computer to store data such as business documents, photos, videos, etc. Essentially anything you do not want to lose. We recommend using Acronis which also encrypts the file in addition to remote backup using FTP. They also have cloud bakcup but I recommend getting an exernal hard drive or a secondary internal hard drive to store the backups due to speed and reliability.

Sometimes the worst can happen and your hard drive may crash… Maybe you accidentally deleted files or even formatted your hard drive without backing up your important data. We see this happen quite often and found that Easeus Data Recovery Program to be extremely helpful at retrieving data. There are extreme cases where data cannot be recovered but we have had some good chances with this application.

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Mobile Repair Services

  • Screen/LCD

  • Charge Port

  • Battery

  • Mic/Speaker

  • Home/Power Button

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